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Christmas 2014

ChristmasOn Christmas Eve we had 19 around our table representing 4 generations of family, it was wonderful!!! a great way to finish of the year celebrating  with family,  friends and of course plenty of food and drinks to go around.

We chose an Eastern theme with Lebanese dip and bread, lamb, chicken, tofu skewers, tabbouleh salad and not so Eastern Garlic prawns (just because the oldies love them).  Of course there was a massive cheese platter, muscat grapes, cherries and a few varieties of paste not to mention a fruit platter big enough to make your eyes water….

Drinks of course met a wide criteria depending on age and palate,  a few bottles of everything from beautiful sparkling, passionate whites and glamorous reds to Gin, Bourbon or Port (oh don’t forget the bottle of milk for Miss 1 and a half who managed to stay up for most of the party)

All said and done it was a wonderful night to remember

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas too 🙂

Team COL